Call it a podcast, call it a radio show… Whatever you call it, it’s three guys from Utah callin’ em as the see em weekly!

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Episode Host Reference Table

Marquaaaa 1-…
J 1-2, 4-7, 9-14, 16-34, 37-39, 41-52, 54, 57, 65, 82
Michael 1-55, 57-65, 67-…
Dania 3, 35, 56, 66
Jordan 7
Sancho 8, 29
Kevin 27, 29, 43, 45, 48
Shane 29
The Fro 29
Phil 36, 43, 57, 61, 65
Danny 61
Sean McPeak 71
Dave Stensrude 72, 81
Lindsey 79, 82
Jen, Heather, Kim & Kathy    79

This table may exclude people off mic, foley artists, rants and other incidental audio.

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Music Credits
Intro music: “Demon Seed” by Nine Inch Nails
Samples used in “And Another Thing, By J” from motionsamples.com and danosongs.com

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